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All-Russian Trade Association of Employers "Union of Municipal Enterprises" UME - development strategy.

All-Russian Trade Association of Employers "Union of Municipal Enterprises" which is a successor of the National Union of enterprises working in the housing and municipal sphere was registered on October 22, 2003. in accordance with provisions of Federal Law "On associations of employers".

In accordance with provisions of Labor Code of Russian Federation three parties shall sign Tariff Agreement - state authorities, trade union of the Housing and Municipal Economic Complex and Association of employers of the Housing and Municipal Economic Complex.

On federal level Trade tariff Agreement shall be signed by:

  • Russian Federation Government;
  • Trade Union of life-support systems;
  • Union of Municipal Enterprises.
  • On regional level Trade tariff Agreement shall be signed by:

  • Government of a region (republic, area/territory, region);
  • Territorial Trade Union of life-support systems;
  • Regional association "Union of Municipal Enterprises".

To settle matters regarding social and labor relations as well as social partnership in the Russian Federation regions it becomes necessary to found regional association of employers "Union of municipal enterprises" with the status of an independent legal entity.

Major efforts are concentrated on the following strategic trends of development of the Union of municipal enterprises:

1. Cooperation in representation of legal interests and protection of rights of the Union members in the sphere of social and labor relations and associated economic relations with trade unions and associations, state authorities, local government institutions.

2. Assistance in conclusion and realization of the trade tariff agreement, participation in the work of committees for regulation of social and labor relations.

3. Coordinated joint actions with committees of the Russian Federation State Duma (Parliament), Russian state Committee of construction/Gastro, Russian State committee of technical supervision/Gosgortechnadzor in drafting of federal laws concerning housing and municipal economy.

4. Provision of informational, methodical, consulting and legal support to the Union members.

5. Studies and dissemination of experience connected with realization of reforms concerning Housing and municipal economic complex in various organizations and enterprises, using advanced foreign experience.

6. Creation of common outlook express network for the Union members, provision of information to organizations, operative discussion of actual items confronting the Union and making agreed decisions on them.

7. Creation of data base regarding Russian and foreign scientific and technical projects, new technologies, patents and other intellectual property in the sphere of power, heat, water supply, power economy and other branches including provision of required materials to the enterprises concerned. Drafting of license agreements, registration of trade marks, patent activities.

8. Investment support of the Union members' projects. Organization of work of tender committees in connection with investment projects. Evaluation, examination and preparation of business plans complying with international standards and provision of the latter to potential investors.

9. Offering of commercial contracts for the supply of machinery from Russian and foreign partners of the Union, on terms of leasing, on the security of foreign credit lines.

10. Organization of certification of employees and services provided by enterprises of housing and municipal economic complex. Organization of remote education and improvement of the employees' professional skills.

11.Organization of audit and insurance services.

12. Registration, creation and maintenance of the Internet site of the Union, www.unioncom.ru.

13. Organization of conferences, seminars on matters connected with problems of Housing and municipal economic complex.

14. Joint actions with press, radio, TV.

Informational and legal committee of the Union provides cooperation with the state structures in matters regarding studies of laws concerning housing and municipal economy. The Union has actively participated in the working meeting of the State Duma/Parliament of Russian Federation on the subject "On measures for the overcoming of crisis situation in housing and municipal economic complexes of small towns of Russian Federation" as well as in the work of the Governmental committee for the housing policy of Russian Federation.

Informational and legal committee of the Union organizes contacts with regions, provides legal, informational, methodical and consulting assistance, studies and spreads experience of the advanced enterprises. It has been actively working in cooperation with Regional trade associations of employers "Union of municipal enterprises" in the Russian Federation subjects.

Priority tasks have been discussed and common decisions on actual matters have been worked out within the framework of Informational and legal committee of the Union. An Internet site has been created and registered, informational and searching data base concerning enterprises of the housing and municipal economic complex comprising 12 thousand organizations working in various spheres of activities.

Expert committee of the Union provides support for investment projects to be prepared by the Union members including appraisal, examination and preparation of business plans meeting international standards, provision of such plans to potential investors as well as forms data bases of Russian and foreign projects and new technologies in the sphere of housing and municipal economy.

Executive committee of the Union fulfills current organizational activities, ensures cooperation with mass media in matters concerning formation of positive public opinion about the Union's activities, organizes conferences and seminars on matters connected with problems of Housing and municipal economic complex.

There have been developed particular programs: "Home", "Heat supply network", "Electrical power supply network", "Water", "Elevator", "Gas supply", "Service" within the framework of the Union. Concerned enterprises and organizations are being consolidated under each program. At present we, together with Russian and foreign partners develop and implement complex approach for the reformation and modernization of the Housing and municipal complex in Russian regions.

Activity aimed at the development of managing companies for the housing fund deserves special attention. A special instrument "Efficient management of the housing fund: theory and practice" as well as plan of provision of credits to municipal enterprises for the realization of investment projects to be secured with payments of the population, has been developed. Those documents include practical decisions and ways of establishment of managing companies for the housing fund and formation of market relations.

Union of municipal enterprises together with GosStroi of Russia and All-Russian trade union of life-support systems actively participates in the activities for the development of social partnership and enlistment of employers in the formation of agreed policy in the sphere of social, labor and economic relations.

e-mail: unoncon@aha.ru, www.unioncom.ru
1045718, Moscow, Mironovskay str., 73,
phone (095) 377-90-90; 729-54-74.